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Deconstructing Ideology

"These are the things that you shall do: speak every man the truth with his neighbor; render the truth and pronounce the judgement or  verdict that makes for peace in [the courts at] your gates."  Zechariah 8:16  AMP Bible

(From One News Now)
The Arizona shooting

Dr. Michael Youssef - Guest Columnist - 1/13/2011 8:50:00 AM

Over the weekend, our nation was shocked and horrified by yet another senseless shooting. This time it was in Tucson, Arizona, where an attack on a fine congresswoman left her hovering between life and death. Six others were killed and many more were injured. Among the dead are a federal judge and a beautiful nine-year-old girl. Anyone who was not moved to tears by these horrific acts has surely lost their senses.

It came as no surprise to me that, immediately after the shooting, the liberal media jumped on the bandwagon with accusations. Because the congresswoman was a Democrat, members of the press surmised that the shooting had to be an act of "right-wing extremist groups."

Why didn't they wait to comment until they had examined the psychological history of the young gunman? What about evidence of occult worship found in his home? Why was it okay to immediately and emotionally target a group of people without all of the facts?

There is something else they have overlooked. Those who are fighting so strongly to have God removed from our culture do not realize that when God is kicked out of public life, He will not be replaced with "nothing." Instead, Satan and his demons are hard at work and are waiting with baited breath for the vacuum created by God's name being evacuated from a society. The void that remains will not be empty; it will be occupied by Satan and his minions.

Along with that is an even greater problem. We are bereft of godly leaders who can articulate ancient wisdom that goes back all the way to Old Testament times. Even if I were not a believer in Jesus Christ, I would want God's presence and God's blessings on this nation. If I were an agnostic, I would want to throw my lot with those who love peace and hate evil.

Sadly, the ACLU and all of their supporters are unwittingly inviting evil to replace the goodness of God and the fringe benefits that His blessings bring on all people -- believers and non-believers alike. Will our nation's leaders have an awakening before society is completely plunged into bloodshed and grief? May it be so!




Crystal Nuttle’s Deconstruction of Dr. Michael Youssef’s Commentary:

The mentality of most Church leaders is that the downward spiral our nation is in is a result of the leaders of our nation.  They fail to recognize that they have an even higher accountability for righteousness and justice to rule in America. 

How many more senseless attacks in America happen before the Leaders of America’s Church wake up to their folly of signing over their birthright, power and influence to satan and the ACLU?!  You leaders will say, “What do you mean signing over our birthright?” Sadly and tragically, by signing the 501(c)-3 nonprofit contract, you have handed over on a silver platter to HELL your birthright of power and influence mandated by God to keep America a Christian Nation!

It is often emphasized by those in the pulpit to come out of the Babylon (World) System! Other than the Bible, the thing of most value to a person is their signature. Yet the leaders of the Church have sealed their allegiance with the oath of their signature to this world’s system! The 501(c)-3 contract caused the hoards of hell to pour into America that was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This very act was the forbidden fruit satan found for leaders to sink their teeth into so the Church would be muzzled, crippled and powerless!

"He who shuts his eyes to devise perverse things and who compresses his lips [as if in concealment] brings evil to pass."  Proverbs 16:30 AMP Bible

To back up this truth go to:

Yes, it is true Dr. Youssef  that when a vacuum is void of Jesus Christ, satan fills it up with his rulers of darkness and evil.  Sorry to say, it’s you and your colleagues who has created this diabolical vacuum!  Therefore, it is just like our Founding Fathers said, America will have the deepest and darkest evil, corruption and tyranny without end, if the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taken out of Government!

ACLU has been the watchdog to purge Christian prayer and the Bible out of America’s public schools, overflowing to America’s work and marketplace.  Now Christianity is on the backburner with the well deserved reputation of being a wimp’s gospel! Since the 1960’s the Church has gone from being warriors to wimps!

One of satan’s greatest tools, Madeline Ohara, came on the scene after the Church was completely powerless through being saturated by the 501(c)-3 contract. She was able, without any rebuttal from the godly leaders, to take the most precious gift God gave America, (Bible and Prayer in the public schools) and rip it out of America’s foundation!  This is also when the melodramatic, farcical lie about the separation of church and state started to flourish! 

Now we have godless public schools with rebellion and debauchery influencing America’s most precious resource:  our children and youth!  It is the SIN of the leaders of the Church that private Christian schools and colleges to send our children to learn about Jesus Christ and get a worthwhile education are the schools that have out of the park tuitions!

". . . For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required; and of him to whom men entrust much, they will require and demand all the more."  Luke 12: 48  AMP Bible 


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